About 100,000 rental properties likely to miss insulation deadline

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) estimated up to 100,000 properties did not meet the standards.

Despite shortages and insulation providers struggling to meet demand MBIE has said it will not be granting extensions.

With those breaching the rules facing thousands of dollars in fines, the Real Estate Institute has been encouraging property managers to consider distancing themselves.

"The landlord may get a fine of up to $4000 and a property manager that works with a landlord that hasn't insulated is also potentially getting a fine of up to $4000, so they're both liable," its chief executive, Bindi Norwell, said.

From July, landlords must ensure their rental properties have floor and ceiling insulation where possible.

A manager for the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Steve Watson estimated 100,000 properties did not meet those standards.

Mr Watson said that was concerning.

"The intent of the legislation, which was passed back in 2016, was that as many of New Zealand's rental properties where practicable should be fully insulated and landlords have had considerable time to do that, and it appears that they have not acted."

For landlords who have yet to book in to have their homes insulated, it's unlikely they will make it in time for the 1 July deadline.



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