Subsidised equity scheme offers interest-free mortgages

Subsidised equity scheme offers interest-free mortgages for chosen homebuyers

About 50 Christchurch households over three years could benefit from a new scheme offering subsidized home deposit top-up loans in return for an equity share.

The scheme, funded with just over $3 million each from the city council and Government, is aimed at helping those unable to save a deposit but with incomes too high for other subsidies.

However, it has been labelled by critics as a "lottery" and "middle-class welfare".

Those chosen for the initiative will get an interest-free second-mortgage towards a home deposit, which they will have up to 15 years to repay. If a home sells before the loan is repaid, the scheme takes a share of the capital gain on top of the outstanding loan amount. If a home sells for less than the buyer paid, the scheme will suffer a share of the loss.

Article from Stuff.


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